Friday, February 22, 2013

the stansfields

i'm so glad these cute kids came down from vernal just to have me take their pictures. they are the cutest thing ever! i love them to death.

Monday, February 18, 2013

the stone family

i am so glad i was able to do this shoot the day before this family had not one, but two missionaries leave! nothing like having half your children leave you in one day! they were so much fun, i can't wait to do another photo shoot in two short years!

elder ashcroft

i guess it is just the season for missionaries to be leaving and coming home! elder ashcroft was so fun to take pictures of and hang out with. south dakota is going to love having him!

addie jae

from previous posts, you may know that little miss addie does not like cameras. she decided just last week that they are quite alright. she now poses herself and smiles on demand. it is crazy how toddlers can change their minds so fast!

degan {4 months}

the olds/johnston family

these happy campers are my very own family. if you think doing regular pictures is hard, try using a tripod +having 5 grown men who don't want to be there. it was far short of being enjoyable. All that matters is that it is over now and everyone survived it!

baby averie

elder stone

i can't believe little tyty is already old enough for a mission! california is lucky to have him for the next two years. he will be an amazing missionary.

baby boy s.

welcome home elder anderson

kadnyc {6 months}

this little lady has been posing for me since she was in her mom's tummy. she is quite the little model, as you can see!