Monday, January 31, 2011

easton allen [hospital]

today my adorable nephew was born. here are a few pictures of his birth day. i can't wait to do his newborn pictures!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

braidon [eagle scout]

i am so proud of my cousin braidon for getting his eagle! i think that its so great when guys get it and i am so happy that he stuck with it and got it. here are a few pictures of him... not too many because we took them in my grandma's living room the night before his court of honor. but i still wanted to put them up to show how happy i am for the little guy. :)

dacie [maternity]

today i did a shoot with a friend from high school and it was so so fun. she is so freaking cute and kept me laughing the whole time. she was a cheerleader and it definately shows. not only is she a toothpick, she is also 8 months pregnant and still more flexible than me! she brought her two friends to the shoot and they were awesome. i know dac will be a great mom. she is a sweety.


i had so much fun doing shanna's pictures. she is such a beautiful model. I know she will be very successful in her modeling career because she is amazing.